Deputy Education and Graduate Studies


Deputy Education and Graduate Studies


Deputy Education and Graduate Studies is a division principally responsible for planning, managing, and supervising over the entire educational affairs on all academic levels. Affairs involve matters such as decision-making over educational issues, educational policy-making, and drafting measures to guarantee that all activities are implemented in accordance with university's adopted regulations and guidelines.

Division's key tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Communicating the approvals of university's Board of Governors and chancellor's instructions and guidelines to relevant faculties, departments, and divisions and following up on their appropriate implementation;
  • Proposing to Board of Governors new measures and procedures for resolving educational issues;
  • Providing assistance and supervision to ensure that implementation of educational policies, regulations, and processes is consistent with the principals adopted for promotion of graduate studies;
  • Working closely with faculties, departments, and divisions to draw up a consolidated plan for educational affairs and graduate studies, supervising over the prompt and appropriate implementation of designated programs and activities, assessing the pros and cons of the plan for each individual faculty and department, and reporting to university chancellor for further consideration;
  • Monitoring and measuring the performance and functioning of students, the Scientific Board members, and educational directors in different fields and departments on semester basis and reporting to university chancellor for further consideration;
  • Communicating the result of performance and functioning assessment to Scientific Board; 
  • Regular evaluation and revision of chapters and contents with the aim of procuring an efficient, enriched, and value-oriented board of science embraced with up-to-date standards;
  • Constant examination and monitoring of university's educational status and standard in order to detect possible opportunities and flaws;
  • Drafting university's educational policies, prospects and courses of action and following up on their approval, announcement, adoption, and updating;
  • Working closely with faculties, departments, and divisions for furtherance of educational activities on quantitative and qualitative scales, designing and recommending short/middle/long-term programs, and following up on their approval, implementation, and modification;
  • Drafting plans for regular enhancement of educational services throughout faculties and educational centers;
  • Design and adoption of a strategic assessment mechanism and determining appropriate educational assessment criteria and standards;
  • Working closely with faculties and operational units to design and adopt a comprehensive assessment system for evaluation of students and Scientific Board members in terms of their educational functioning and performance.
  • Quantifying university's capacity for new admissions and submitting it to the officials concerned in good time;
  • Coordinating with faculties for all matters related to registration, course selection, additions and deletions, and classification of record cards;
  • Seeing to all matters related to guest students, dropouts, and repeating courses;
  • Organizing the Comprehensive Doctorate Exam and issuing the related certificate;
  • Planning educational texts and contents;
  • Issuing certificate of enrollment and departure for students that are subject to military conscription;
  • Inquiring on students' background records (certificates and grades);

To fulfill the aforementioned tasks with maximum care and efficiency, the Deputy Education and Graduate Studies is closely linked to university's General Department of Education, Scientific Board Office, Bureau of Academic and Educational Planning, Department of Graduates' Affairs, and International Students Bureau.

International Students Bureau:

  • Important Considerations:

  • Applicant's Commitment Form (form #6) is a compulsory form that must be completed and submitted to university's Consular Affairs Representative (Mr. / Mrs.…………………………) situated on ground floor of administrative building.
  • As of June 9th, 2018, only non-Iranian students who have registered with website and obtained letter of approval from Shahr-e-Rey Islamic Azad University and Islamic Azad University's General Department of International Affairs are eligible to receive consular services.
  • Follow-up code must be quoted in all communications.
  • Foreign students are demanded to obtain student passport by 1st day of end-of-semester examinations or else they will be banned from continuing their study. This includes students with different residence cards (preparatory, green, residence, etc.) and residence or family passports.
  • All international students (regardless of date of entry) are obliged to apply for visa extension no later than 1 month before visa expiry. Please refer to Consular Affairs Representative (Mr. / Mrs.………………………….) to obtain the appropriate form (form #1).

  • Consular and Educational Status:

In accordance to circular 1560 issued on the 9th day of June 2018, international students are demanded to take following measures to determine their consular and student status:

  1. Registering at Foreign Students website ( to obtain follow-up code. Applicants are required to attach copy of their academic record (final certificate), residence documents (passport, residence card, green-sheet), and personal photo;
  2. Referring with the original copy of the enclosed documents to university's Consular Affairs Representative for comparison of documents and subsequent forwarding to Islamic Azad University's General Department of International Affairs. It is vital for applicants to have in possession the follow-up code they obtained in previous stage;

Note: Previous academic certificates and transcripts issued by overseas institutes require legal translation and subsequent verification by Iran embassy or foreign representative present in the applicant's country of origin before being enclosed to the website. A copy of the same documents must also be referred to Mr. Maheri;

  1. Deadline for obtaining initial admission and proceeding with registration and course selection for new admissions is the end of every current semester. Final admission is subject to the approval of applicant's general and academic eligibility by relevant authorities. Hence, foreign students are strongly recommended to refer back to university's Consular Affairs Representative within 2-4 weeks from the date of fulfilling stage 2in order to obtain the approval of Ministry of Information and a copy of form #1 which must be submitted to Provincial Government upon completion.

  • Important Addresses:

Tehran Provincial Government

Niloofar St., Sharbiani Blvd.,

Ta'avon Blvd.,

Hakim Highway (east to west side)

General Department of International Affairs

Islamic Azad University Central Org.

4th floor, Shohaday-e Hesarak Blvd.,

Shahids Sattari Highway.

Tel: +98 2144168000-9

(Mr. Amani)

  • Reminders:

  • Each foreign student is authorized to travel 3 times to and from Iran during the course of study. All financial dues to the university (including registration fee) must be settled prior to departure. Letter of financial clearance issued by university accountant must be submitted to the Central Organization.
  • Maximum period of departure is 3 months and applicants are required to return to Iran before the expiry of the said deadline.
  • Individuals applying for medical studies and those whose basic certificate is issued by overseas institutes are required to register at website.

Administrative Structure and Contacts


Contact #



+98 2155229250

Deputy of Education and Graduate Studies



+98 2155229328

Education General Director



+98 2155229256

Director of Scientific Board Secretariat



+98 2155229325

Scientific Board Secretariat



+98 2155229249

Education Expert



+98 2155229250

Deputy of Education Secretary



+98 2155229249

International Student Consular Affairs Representative



+98 2155229248

Director of Examination Department



+98 2155229322

Education Director of Faculty of Management and Accounting



+98 2155229310

Faculty of Management and Accounting Exams



+98 2155229362

Education Director of Faculty of Human Sciences



Faculty of Human Sciences Exams



+98 2155229242

Director of Graduates' Department



+98 2155229390

Education Director of Faculty of Technical Engineering and Electricity



Faculty of Technical Engineering and Electricity Exams



+98 2155229255

Education Director of Technical Engineering Department



+98 2155229247

Education Director of Architecture and Art Department



+98 2155229298

Architecture and Art Department Exams



Director of Registration and Admission Department



Director of Assessment and Supervision Department



+98 2155229328

Director of Educational Services Department



+98 2133742757

Educational Official at Abolfotouh Razi Complex (for mom students)


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