Physical Education

     Shahr-e-Rey physical education complex includes 2 separate large sport halls (i.e. Imam Ali and Modafe-e-Haram), accommodating 2,000 individuals daily. Facilities are essential components of PE curriculum and a multi-purpose arena to general sporting events and festivals held on inter and intra-organizational levels for Scientific Board members, staff, and student teams and delegations.

Imam Ali Sports Hall:

     Imam Ali Sports Hall covers almost all the competitive and non-competitive indoor sporting needs, from indoor football (futsal), basketball, handball, and volleyball to badminton, wrestling, gymnastics, martial arts, body building, archery, darts, tug of war, and chess. The facility is equipped with changing room and sauna. Whether you want to play sport, enhance your fitness, or carry out coach and referee education programs, the sports hall features all the required standards, markings, equipment, and space.

Modafe-e-Haram Sports Hall:

     Modafe-e-Haram Sports Hall is also multi-functional and can be used for a number of activities, namely indoor football (futsal), basketball, volleyball, badminton, and track & racing. The hall is also fully inclusive and open to a variety of events, including coach and referee educational programs.

Student Sport and Recreational Programs and Services:

     Shahr-e-Rey physical education complex facilitates all the necessary resources to connect students to university sport and recreational programs, whether in the context of coach and referee educational courses, sport and sport entrepreneurship seminars, and knowledge-raising sport training workshops or in the form of sport-for-all activities and festivals, intra and provincial-level competitions, special occasion events, climbing campaigns, and country-side hikes.

Last Update At : 10 January 2021