Laboratory and workshop services 


Laboratories and workshops of the Islamic Azad University, Yadegar-e-Imam Khomeini (RAH) branch, Shahr-e-Rey  were established with the aim of making optimal use of research devices in various educational and research fields of the university, as well as providing services to researchers in research institutes and industries. Among the duties of managing laboratories and workshops are the following:

- Updating devices and equipment

- Scientific cooperation with various research centers

- Predicting the future required equipment of the university

- Employing experienced scientific and technical manpower to perform tests and data analysis

- Providing educational services to educational, scientific, research centers

- Allocation of laboratory spaces to researchers


- Providing services to the applicant educational departments (inside the university and outside the university)

- Providing specialized equipment required for various scientific and educational disciplines

- Organizing the existing advanced facilities and equipment and trying to repair, maintain and calibrate them

- Optimal utilization of existing facilities

- Help save on running costs of projects

- Doing research in a way with minimal challenge

- Easy access of faculty members, researchers, students and industry owners to equipment and physical research spaces

- Training researchers and specialists at professional levels and according to the needs of different industries

- Increase organizational interactions with partner laboratories

- Support the conversion of students' ideas, students, professors and creative staff into laboratory samples

- Supporting creative entrepreneurs to test ideas and prepare laboratory samples

Islamic Azad University Yadegar Imam (RAH) Shahr-e-Rey Branch, with more than 170 laboratories, workshops, computer sites and drawing and architecture studios in an area of 16,000 square meters (as described in the complex and buildings below) Educational-research farm with an area of 9 hectares and using the latest and most advanced facilities and laboratory and workshop equipment has the potential to provide educational and research services in the province and the country.

Name of the complex / building / faculty


Number of laboratories / workshops

36 laboratory locations

4500 square meters

Abu Reyhan Birooni Laboratory Complex

22 laboratory locations

3000 square meters

Zakaria Razi Laboratory Complex

Spinning salon, weaving, circular weaving, sewing and sewing design workshop, synthetic fiber production laboratory, etc.

1500 square meters

Textile and Clothing Workshop Complex (Student Martyrs' Shelters)

8 workshop locations with standard facilities

1800 square meters

Technical College Workshop Complex

32 mechanics workshops and drawing studios

2500 square meters

Sheikh Sadough Building

38 Architectural workshop and studio locations

2400 square meters

Faculty of Art

30 computer sites

1600 square meters

IT Center

The most important and well-equipped laboratories and workshops located in this academic branch can be mentioned as follows:

Statistics of workshops and laboratories

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Architecture and Art

Textile Department

Mechanics Department

Electrical Department

- General physics 2

- General Physics 1

- Thermal physics

- Light physics

- Research Chemistry 1

- Research Chemistry 2

- Central Research Chemistry

- Inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry

- Analytical Chemistry

- Decomposition - Organic Chemistry and Isolation

- General Chemistry

- Polymer chemistry

- Industrial chemistry

- Glassmaking

- Drawing studio 1 to 11 Mapping equipment 2

- Graphics 1 to 7

- Painting 1

- Painting 2

- Design 1

- Design 2

- Volume

- Photo studio

- Dyeing

 - Completing the textile product and identifying the fibers

- Textile Chemistry

- Fiber physics - Printing workshop

- Sewing technology

 - Textile technology 1

- Textile technology 2

 - Fiber production technology

- Normal power transmission

- Defect detection

- Welding

- office paper

- Chassis and body

- Machine tools

- Car electrical devices

- Automatic power transmission

- Vibrations

- The heat transfer

- Fluids

- Strength of Materials

- Power generator

- Fueling

- thermodynamics - Hydraulic and Pneumatic

- General electronics 2

- General electronics 3

- industrial control - General electronics 1

- Telecommunication circuit and linear control

- Pulse and micro - TV circuits

- Circuit and power supply

- Industrial Electronics

- Winding

- Digital

- electrical machines

- Power and steering circuit

- Microwave

- linear control

 - Basics of electronics

 - Electrical research

Department of Cartography

Department of Biology

Department of Geography

Department of Agriculture


- mold design

 - Measurement systems

- Biology 1

- Biology 2

Biological research

- Drawing studio

 - Mapping 1 to 3

 - Photogrammetry

- Photo studio

 - GIS

- Mapping equipment

- Soil science

- Genetics

- Description and classification

- weather station

 - Farm

- Agricultural research

Last Update At : 10 January 2021