With the aim of collecting, organizing and informing printed and non-printed sources, the library has provided a suitable collection of scientific and research documents to meet the scientific needs of the academic community. In order to keep pace with the educational, research and cultural goals of the university, this office has purchased and prepared more than 5000 volumes of information resources and also increased the number of its information resources to more than 173 thousand volumes, and is now approaching to the standard of university libraries.

• Digital and web-based dissertations and digital services

• Having 163 thousand volumes of Persian books (42598 titles)

• 9627 volumes of Latin books (5898 titles)

• 10857 volumes of Persian reference books (3641 titles)

• Has more than 1938 volumes of Latin reference books (831 titles)

• Having 6200 dissertation titles

• Having Persian databases and access to professors and students to full Persian text articles inside the university

Access to Latin databases (Wiley, Springer, Science direct) and access for professors and students to full-text Latin articles within the university

• Ability of faculty members to access full Persian and Latin text databases from outside the university through VPN

• Efficient and effective services by using the latest information and information technologies in order to accelerate and increase the quantity and quality of information services to users

• Having Simorgh library software with a database of Persian, Latin books, Persian topics documentaries, CDs, dissertations, dissertation topics documentaries

• Presenting a degree plan in the dissertation section

• Having a short message system (sms) to inform library members

• Ability to connect to the library of other branches of Islamic Azad University and public universities

• Ability to connect to the integrated system of libraries of Islamic Azad University (Sika Network)

• Ability to communicate and transfer data from international and national reference centers (National Library of Iran, Library of Congress, etc.) in order to organize information

• Automatic student membership in the library by transferring information from the education system to the library software after students enrollment in the university

• Using and lending library resources freely by presenting a student card

• Providing digital dissertation services and the ability to view abstracts, table of contents, sources and references of dissertations from outside the university

• Provide information resources needed by faculty members and students by interacting with departments and assessing their information needs

• Possibility of holding training workshops and promoting users' information literacy

• Holding library tours to familiarize students with the library

• Providing services to non-members (by presenting a letter of introduction and a student card)

• Having an advanced bookbinding department to repair worn books

• Extensive participation in various book fairs with the presence of university professors

• Having more than 2500 square meters of library space and having sections for lending, reference, dissertations, non-printed resources (CDs and specialized CDs), informing, organizing and managing information, study hall

• Having the spaces of the study hall of the men and women with an approximate area of ​​1000 square meters with 500 seats

• Having more than 1000 square meters of space for book storage

Last Update At : 10 January 2021